Awesome Experience with virtual reality bike

Had some issues with the power switch powering the unit on but I did some red neck engineering and bypassed it and now it's working . Waiting for VirZoom's official response in support. At least I got virtual reality exercise bike going and I've had a blast the few hours I've been using it. I'd like to see a more competitive gaming experience other than "compare your score" option. Developers/Support are very responsive in getting back to you promptly. Luckily I've got a self taught background in electrical engineering so that helped get it working. I doubt this is a very common issue. 

Wish everyone best of luck and happy VR weight loss if you purchase it. The more they put into the games etc. the better. I'd even be willing to pay or make games for this device. I want competitive games please. I don't care if I come in last every race. A treasure hunt with 3D street Google maps would be a nice addition . Or simply just a biking tourist game. In the future I can see gyroscopic front wheel motion platform, real brakes, real gears, and a motor which controls the resistance for realistic elevation/ A lot of us would pay for a bike like that , probably 4 times what this cost for that kind of simulation experience would be totally worth it. As a product stand point. I think this is right on par for what you pay for and the experience it delivers. Obviously non technical people are going to steer away from it but between Vive and this company they do their best to make it user friendly it's really not that I wouldn't recommend it to a non technical person but you better have some patience if new to VR and you don't know what you're doing with PCs etc. VR is new and in my opinion the future. It needs some tweaks though. Like dual 8k screens for Vive and 2x 1080Ti, And independent lens adjustments for those people who may have a lazy eye or aren't symmetrical in the eye region. It's best to have the VR as close as possible to the face. the vive pads are too far away.

Some people say it could get old and become a dusty piece of memorabilia in your closet really fast, so if you're not dedicated to weight loss and you don't like " simulator " experiences I don't suggest it. However if you love Sims, and bicycles, live where cycling is not convenient etc I highly suggest it. The thing is with this product, the bike is really only half the equation. The software is what makes it shine and keep a fresh outlook for continued supporters. The team seams to be keeping it up to date and it's not a dead or failed product by any stretch of the imagination. VR is going to get HUGE and I see VirZOOM as a viable business in the coming future. Hope to see you Amazonian shoppers in VirZoom Arcade Soon, Don't forget your sweat rag!!!


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